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Where do I buy a car?

You will need to own your own car. You can order a new car from a Quarter Midget Chassis Builder or buy a used car. There are great used cars, parts and equipment on the club website under ‘Classifieds’, Facebook groups such as “Quarter Midget Classifieds – Northeast”, Craigslist, Racing Junk, etc. Contacting current members is always a great place to start as well. Both cars and safety equipment are required to race.


What safety equipment do I need?

Safety equipment requirements: Helmet, full firesuit, arm restraints, neck collar or neck restraint device (i.e. hans device), gloves, race receiver w/ear buds. Click here to view the safety documents.


How do I join the club?

Visit There are 2 registrations required. One is for NASCAR Youth Series, one is for LTQMC. NASCAR Youth Series Payments can be made online through the NASCAR Youth Series website (click here). LTQMC registrations can be printed out mailed to the Club Secretary with a check. You DO NOT have to wait for your NASCAR Youth Member ID Numbers to join LTQMC.


Why do I have to join NASCAR Youth Series?

Our track is sanctioned by NASCAR Youth Series and abides by NASCAR Youth Series’s rules. Your USAC registration allows you access to race at any NASCAR Youth Series sanctioned track.


Where do my LTQMC club dues go?

Property rent and maintenance, insurance policies, propane, dumpster, supplies, track equipment, health permit, weekly trophies, etc.

What are my club responsibilities once I join?

LTQMC is a non-profit, self-run organization. Each member is expected to contribute to the general operation of the club. Without this help, there is no club. New rookie families who join and participate in the spring training sessions are required to work 10 three hour shifts in the club’s concession stand during the season. New rookie families who join and participate in the summer training sessions will meet this requirement the following year. After your first full year with the club, regular full time Members are required to work 3 three hour shifts in the concession stand and join a weekly committee to help with scoring, race directing, flagging, staging, grounds maintenance, etc. A rotating schedule is created at the beginning of the season for the concession stand and committee duties.


All full time members including new rookie families are expected to participate in a 3 hour work party at the beginning of the season to ready the track for weekly operation and another 3 hour shift at the end of the season for track shutdown. 


How do I setup my car?

Ask any member for a baseline setup, or contact your chassis builder.


What motor do I run?

Rookies at the LTQMC run the Honda 120 or Animal motors, per NASCAR Youth Series specs/rules.


What fuel do I run?

89 octane pump gas. During special race events held at the track, gas from the spec station (Stop & Shop in Putnam, CT – Rte. 44) will be required.


What tires do I run?

All classes must run Hoosier tires per Page 11 of NASCAR Youth Series Rule Book.


What does my car need to weigh?

Car/Driver combined weight = 265 lbs. for both red and blue rookie divisions.


What class/division will my kid start in?

Kids 4 1/2 years of age are eligible to attend rookie training but cannot race until they turn 5. Kids ages 5 and up are eligible to race competitively. There are two levels of Rookies, Red Rookie and Blue Rookie. All kids regardless of age must start with a Red restrictor plate. Once they have completed the Red Rookie requirements they move up to a Blue Rookie class with a Blue restrictor plate before being allowed to race in a Competitive class.


The initial Red Rookie phase is intended to orient the child with safety, communication and racing procedures so that they understand what is expected of them before they enter the track, while on the track and leaving the track. The training is outlined in Section 3702. When Red Rookies have displayed their understanding of these basics, they move to phase two of the Rookie training.


The secondary Blue Rookie phase is to obtain experience in racing with others at a faster speed and to gain confidence in the car and their abilities.


A Rookie driver must participate in at least three events before graduating to a competitive class. One of these three events must be in the Red Rookie class. (Section 3705-B)


What is a typical race day like?
  • Sign-ins are from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.

  • Once sign-ins are closed, a brief driver/handler meeting is held in the hot chute (track entrance) to go over club related items such as upcoming events, racing related items, reminders, etc.

  • Heat and Feature races follow the driver/handler meeting.


When can I practice?

New rookie drivers who participated in the spring training sessions are not eligible to practice on their own until after Rookie Graduation, which is held on Opening Day. Following Rookie Graduation, as long as you have completed your required work party to ready the track for operation, you may practice anytime you wish provided the track is not closed per Thompson Speedway Motorsports Management. A calendar of track closure dates can be found on the club’s website.


New rookies participating in the summer rookie training sessions will be allowed to practice on their own after the conclusion of the training sessions, if cleared to race by the Rookie Training Director.


What number will my car be?

In quarter midget racing, we use 4 paper numbers that are taped to the hood of the car, left side of the car, and both sides of the tailcone. Numbers are supplied by the track. Your number will most likely change each race. Heat starting positions are based on pill draw done at sign-ins. Feature race starting positions are based on heat finish position and passing points.


Where can I find more information on Little T’s and NASCAR Youth Series rules and requirements?

Bylaws, Club Rules, and Ground Rules can be found on our website – NASCAR Youth Series technical specs, racing procedures, scoring procedures, etc. can be found by going to

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